Surrealis Sounds Recording Studio Berlin

This is a shout out to my good friend Jörg at Surrealis Sounds Recording Studio Berlin. This small but very audiophile studio is housed in one corner of the Teldex complex over in Lichterfelde District of Berlin and has been my “go to” studio for as long a I can remember.

Recording Sessions

Some of the recording sessions I have been involved with at Surrealis Sounds include: my solo albums “A Shot in the Dark”,”Around the corner in 80 minutes” and “Swirling Sands” (a track of which was featured in AUDIO magazine in the series “Audiophile Pearls”); the KELPIE Albums “Var det Du, Var det det Deg?”, “Desembermåne”, “Kelpie Live” & “Schneetreiben” .. as well as production and session work for other people.

Tracking the “Schneetreiben”

Ian Melrose & Kerstin Blodig recording at Surrealis Sounds Berlin

“The photo above was taken during one of the first “Schneetreiben” sessions in March of 2016. We were recording two acoustic guitars using modified Røde NTV tube mics for the middle signal and neve 1073 preamps (whistle, violin and vocal harmonies were overdubbed later). I was playing my wonderful Avalon L25C Fingerstyle Guitar in standard tuning, and Kerstin was playing plectrum-style on her Gibson J-60 tuned to DADGAD.

The album recording was finished in September 2017 and the audio mix was great. Jörg mastered the album for us in the following weeks. It was printed and released October 2017


One thing I love about Surrealis Sounds is the carefully chosen gear which sounds great on acoustic and contemporary folk/world music. We have developed a great working relationship over the years and even though we have a “sound” we never stop pushing for different or unique sounds on new projects.

An Ear for Detail

Jörg’s attention to detail is incredible and his staying power to be able to come up with great production and mix ideas even over a long late night session never cease to surprise me.

Video – Es kommt ein Schiff geladen

This video below was from a song we recorded at Surrealis Sounds in 2016.

So if you want a great recording studio in Berlin, you should definitely give Jörg a call at Surrealis Sounds Recording Studios.

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