Smoke on the Water – solo version!

Sometimes it’s fun to do something people don’t expect, to revel in something a bit “over the top” and simply enjoy. One day I was idly playing around on the guitar and found myself doing the iconic opening riff of “Smoke on the Water”, and a friend thought it was somehow cool, so – surprised – I continued and weeks later this version was ready. Add to that playing around in the studio with my good friend and sound wizard/engineer Jörg Surrey ( to get a hugely satisfying BIG yet acoustic sound, I then thought: yes, maybe it’s okay to send yet another cover of this piece out into the world! Incidentally, the first LP I ever bought with my own pocket money was “Deep Purple in Rock” – so it’s nice to do a kind of tribute after this long while. If you enjoy listening to it even half as much as I enjoyed doing it, then we’re all having a good time!

Ian Melrose


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