RIP Padraig Duggan

Very sad to hear that Padraig Duggan passed away yesterday. I got to know Padraig and his twin brother Noel in 1996, when we were all touring with the Celtic Band “Norland Wind” (with Thomas Loefke & Kerstin Blodig). By chance CLANNAD were looking for a lead guitarist, and the brothers kindly suggested me. Five weeks later i was in Dublin rehearsing for the world tour! That was a tremendous experience – one i will never forget, and for which i am eternally grateful.

Padraig was a warm, friendly and enthusiastic person, and i was glad to be able to “return the favour” so to speak and in 2004 i produced the CD “Rubicon” for Padraig and Noel (in the wonderful Cauldron Studios in Dublin) – their first “solo” album. I was glad to help present their songwriting qualities.

Here’s a song from that album, which i find fitting now. Padraig wrote the words and i did the music. Fond memories of past times ….

RIP Padraig

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