From Celtic-Scandinavian Roots to New Acoustic Music

A Kelpie is a spirit in Scottish mythology who appears at the waterside disguised as a beautiful white horse. Once mounted the unsuspecting rider is taken to the bottom of the loch never to be seen again. In Norway it is the water troll „Nøkken” who lives in a lake, occasionally surfacing to lure people to their doom. The duo KELPIE, Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose, also lure (do they look innocent?) – but into concerts, hoping that after this acoustic experience you’ll never be the same again! Touring regularly with the group NORLAND WIND (featuring Thomas Loefke and Padraig and Noel Duggan from CLANNAD), they discovered their mutual attraction towards musical experimentation, letting unusual harmonic textures and rhythms flirt with traditional Celtic and Scandinavian music. Ian`s exquisite fingerstyle guitar combined with Kerstin`s groovy plectrum technique is the basis of the special Kelpie sound. When Kerstin’s clear and vibrant voice intertwines with Ian’s languid low whistle, when Ian’s imaginative guitar riffs dance around Kerstin’s mischievous bouzouki lines, there arises an exciting blend of old and new – intricate vocal and instrumental arrangements with room for improvisation and spontaneous ideas.

Their first CD „Kelpie” was released in Europe by Westpark Music and in North America by Alula Records. The New CD “Var det du – var det deg?” (2007) is also on Westpark Music.

„Original and fascinating interpretations of Norwegian and Celtic material. Virtuosic and compelling.” Østlendingen, Norway

„A high-quality musical programme performed with great skill, passion and an incomparable lightness; the audience was totally enthralled” Stadland Nordwest-Zeitung, Germany

„The currently most fascinating combination of Celtic- and Scandinavian folk music….” Nordis Magazine

KERSTIN BLODIG (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán) is regarded as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic world music.

As founding member of a wide variety of different projects, ranging from studio work, folk-pop and theatre music productions to the Celtic groups Talking Water, Norland Wind and Touchwood, her creativity covers a very wide range. She cultivates her Norwegian roots not only with Kelpie, but also in her solo performances and her band-project Valivann. Her new solo-CD “Trollsang” (Westpark Music) sets even higher musical standards than her debut album.

“Valivann”, which won the renowned German Critics Prize (May 2002) and was also released by the famous world-music label ALULA in North America.
„Blodig impressed us with one of the most expressive voices I`ve ever heard”Glåmdalen, Norway
IAN MELROSE (guitar, vocals, whistles, seljefløyte), from Ayr in the Southwest of Scotland, belongs to the cream of Europe’s acoustic guitarists. He is also an internationally acclaimed composer and arranger. He has been lead guitarist with Clannad (World Tour, Grammy Award winning CD “Landmarks”), and plays with Kerstin also in Talking Water, Norland Wind and Kelpie. The Duggan brothers of Clannad hired him as producer, arranger and guitarist for their album “Rubicon”. As a solo guitarist he has played many of the worlds major festivals, including the Montreal Jazz festival (CAN) and Celtic Connections (Scotland). His solo CDs, “Wolves”, “Between the Sighs”, „A Scottish Legacy” and most recently “A Shot in the Dark” (Acoustic Music Records), have gained him rave reviews in the international music press. He is official endorser for DR strings and Avalon guitars.

„ … a top-class guitarist … brilliant fingerpicker” The Times (GB)

„ …one of the best Celtic-influenced fingerpickers on the scene today” Acoustic Guitar (USA)

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