Four Styles

Four musicians – one instrument – four styles

Rüdiger Krause – jazz guitar

Heiko Ossig – classical guitar

Nikos Tsiachris – flamenco guitar

Ian Melrose – fingerstyle guitar

Enjoy one of the most popular instruments of our time in its wonderful diversity, because when four masters of their art get together it’s a guarantee for a top-class concert experience. Let yourself be led through the world of acoustic guitar music, hear the multifarious modes of expression and savour the sounds of four virtuosos as they create – solo and in ensemble pieces – their musical magic.

During a concert each of the guitarists first present excerpts from their solo repertoires. In the course of the concert they then begin to explore different combinations: acoustic fingerstyle meets jazz, flamenco meets classical and so on and so forth, culminating in a very unique guitar quartet ………

Four strong musical personalities from four musical genres merge to present a stunning spectrum on their instrument: the guitar.

The new CD “Cuatro Estilos” was officially released on 21st April 2017.

Available from Acoustic Music Records (with song excerpts)

Cover FourStyles - Cuatro Estilos


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