Projects & Collaborations

Kelpie »

Norwegian-Scottish Roots to New Acoustic Music

Kerstin Blodig (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán) & Ian Melrose  (guitar, vocals, whistles, seljefløyte)

A voice as clear as water from the Norwegian fjords, a whistle like a breath of mist over the Scottish highlands and two beautifully harmonising and groovy guitars. Kelpie is two internationally renowned solo artists in their acclaimed duo project.

Flowing arrangements of ballads concerning Trolls, Kelpies and other water-spirits, driving up-tempo reels and hallings with plenty of room for spontaneous ideas and improvisation.

Leuchter-Melrose Duo »

Manfred Leuchter, the ethno-jazz accordion virtuoso with Arabian touch, und Ian Melrose, one of the most prolific guitarists in the Celtic- and fingerstyle genres, create a new musical fusion:

World Accordion meets Fingerstyle Guitar

From Bach to Bagdad: Die rich musical experience of these two players melts into an intense mixture: emotional, virtuoso and fascinating.

Celtic Guitar Journeys »

A new project consisting of three internationally renowned finger style guitarists:  Soïg Sibéril (Bretagne), Dylan Fowler (Wales) und Ian Melrose (Scotland). They celebrate their Celtic roots in a unique music, which draws from different Celtic traditions and other genres.  They are currently recording a debut CD, which will be released by the German label Acoustic Music Records in the autumn of 2015.

Four Styles »

One Instrument – the guitar, but four different styles: jazz, flamenco, classical and fingerstyle.

Hear one of the most popular instruments of our time played by four masters of their craft – a very special concert experience. Listen to solo, duo and quartet performances, which display the different styles but then also merge them into a unique soundscape.

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