Kelpie: new CD and tour (in Germany)

Official release is 24th November, 2017. But the CD exists and can be  ordered now directly from KELPIE (16€ + postage)  

Schneetreiben“: German winter-/Christmas songs with Celtic-Scandinavian Soul
Kerstin Blodig (N/D): vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán
Ian Melrose (Sco): vocals, guitar, whistles, seljefløyte, xaphoon

After 21 years of playing and recording together in different projects and  on countless CD productions, the internationally renowned „Celtic-Scandinavian Dream-Team“, Kerstin Blodig and Ian Melrose, are a perfectly synchronised musical duo, with an almost telepathic communication.

Encouraged by the unanimously positive media reaction to the two German Christmas songs on their prize-winning winter CD „Desembermåne“ (Westpark Music 2011), the duo decided to extend this German-language concept to a full album.

This is accordingly their second intimately-arranged acoustic winter/Christmas CD, but this time instead of Scandinavian or Celtic songs they interpret carefully chosen German Christmas songs and original winter songs specially written for the album – all from their Scottish-Norwegian-German perspective. This uniquely fascinating and moving mixture is evident on the whole album. Good examples are „Es kommt ein Schiff geladen”, where we hear a ballad intertwined with an Irish slip-jig, or „Still, still, still“, which Kerstin interprets in the form of a Norwegian lullaby.


Kelpie Quartett:

29.11.2017 Bad Nauheim / Trinkkuranlage 20:00

30.11.2017 Meißen / Theater Meißen 19:30 Uhr

01.12.2017 Sodersdorf-Raven / St. Martin Kirche 19:30 Uhr

02.12.2017 Berlin-Spandau / Zitadelle, Gotischer Saal 19:00 Uhr

Kelpie Duo:

08.12.2017 Bremen / Kulturkirche St. Stephani 20:00 Uhr

09.12.2017 Heiligenloh / Kirche 19:30 Uhr

10.12.2017 Dorsten / Johanneskirche 19:00 Uhr

17.12.2017 Barsinghausen / Kirche der Petrusgemeinde 17:00 Uhr

28.12.2017 Löhne-Gohfeld / Simeon Kirche 20:00 Uhr

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