Swirling Sands

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Press- Release  (English)

In 2011 Scottish guitarist/composer/arranger/producer Ian Melrose was invited by Albrecht Kurbjuhn and the “Mecklenburg inspiriert e.V.” to be an “artist-in-residence” in the lovely town of Kühlungsborn, a seaside resort on the Baltic sea coast in the north of Germany. It was a great oppurtunity to concentrate on making and composing music, and he wrote pieces inspired by the town, the sea and the area in general. He also delved into local folklore, and arranged some dance tunes, and looking further afield, or rather across the sea, he also arranged pieces from the “neighbours”, Denmark and Sweden. Conversations with the other resident artists, painters and sculptors, were also very inspiring, experiencing how they, as visual artists, interpreted the surroundings.

The result is an atmospheric, impressionistic masterpiece, reflecting once again Melrose’s inventive compositional and arrangement skills. He paints vivid aural pictures, and whether it be the swirling sands on the beach, the first light of dawn on the horizon, the palatable joys of a whisky-tasting seminar or the echoes of a bygone era as steam locomotive “Molli” chugs along, the listener is drawn in to this flood of images.

His elegant virtuosity is never an end in itself, but serves the needs and moods of the pieces, and his ensemble arrangements add further spice to the experience. He himself also displays his multi-instrumental talents with low whistle, bass and percussion here and there, and is wonderfully supported on various tracks by his long-term partner Kerstin Blodig (vocals, bodhrán) and also Mathis Mayr (cello) and Gregor Schulenburg (duduk, flute). World music and folk combine effortlessly with baroque and classical influences, even a touch of jazz and improvisation, to make a unique musical homage to the town of Kühlungsborn and the Baltic Sea coast The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the renowned master sound engineer Jörg Surrey (Surrealis Sounds) at Teldex studios in Berlin – a guarantee of highest audiophile sound quality.

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