Scottish Legacy

A Scottish Legacy (2001: Acoustic Music)

  1. Mrs. McLeod
  2. Mairi bhan og/The Mackay’s March
  3. The Auld Brig O’Don
  4. Andrew Carr/Rattling Roarin’ Willie
  5. Huntingtone Castle
  6. The Music O’Spey
  7. The Mathematician
  8. Braigh Loch Ihall
  9. Bonnie Strathmore/My Mither’s aye glowerin’ at me
  10. The Miller O’ Hirn/Betty Washington
  11. Farewell to Whisky/The Laird O’ Drumblair
  12. Lochaber No More
  13. Niel Gow’s Lament for the death of his second wife
  14. Mrs. Dundas of Arniston/ Miss Shepherd
  15. Prince Charlie

All in all, this is a marvellous CD filled with spectacular guitar work, sometimes fast and intricate, sometimes slow and thoughtful. Melrose will hold your interest throughout, for his ability and his musicianship are equally high. A splendid album.

Chet Williamson: Rambles Online Culture Magazine
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