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Ian’s Solo Albums

Around the Corner in 80 Minutes »

A multi-culti hommage to Ian’s chosen city – Berlin. Original compositions and arranged traditionals from or influenced by the many wonderful musicians living in Germany’s capital …….Can be purchased here

“Melrose’s technical mastery is every bit as expansive, astonishing in its virtuosity. With pieces that derive their inspiration from Africa, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey, Melrose accomplishes stylistic breadth on guitar partly by employing many different tunings (most typically EADGBE and EADGAE, but DADGAD and even CGCGCD)  ….. Overall Melrose’s music is mellow and melodic, gorgeous of tone, and characterized by the kind of refined sophistication that makes his playing seem dazzlingly effortless.”
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Shot In The Dark »

“offers 13 brilliant tracks, finishing off with an exciting version of Paul Desmonds world-famous „Take Five“, in which Melrose once again pulls out all the stops and celebrates his jazz-influenced guitar artistry. This album is not only fun, but its mixture of outstanding arrangements of well-known pieces and original compositions surprises and always lets the listener discover new and exciting details with each listening. With this album Melrose further confirms his status as a one of the best folk-jazz guitarists around.” www.gitarrehamburg.de (D)

Can be purchased here

Scottish Legacy »

Ian’s favorite Scottish fiddle tunes arranged for acoustic guitar or dobro. Purely solo pieces as well as arrangements  for small acoustic ensembles ……… Can be purchased here

“..displays Melrose as one of the best Celtic-based fingerpickers on the scene…” Acoustic Guitar (USA)

“Bow down — a guitar god is in the house, or at least in the CD player. In a breathtaking 52 minutes, Ian Melrose graces us with 15 tracks and 21 Scottish fiddle tunes played on the acoustic and slide guitars. When it’s all over, we’re agog at his virtuosity, but also blessed for the beauty he’s brought us, all for the cost of a CD.” Rambles (USA)

Between The Sighs »

Traditionals and original compositions on acoustic guitar … Can be purchased here

“Guitarist Ian Melrose hopes buyers of his new CD “Between the Sighs” will let out a ‘sigh of pleasure’ after listening to it. This wish is easy to fulfil, because the new opus is exquisitely crafted: guitar music between technically brilliant fingerpicking and singable folk themes with a Celtic/Scottish touch. This impresses you immediately in the tricky, swinging opening tune “Nessie’s Hornpipe” and and continues to do so through to the very end of the CD.”


Wolves »

Connoisseurs of the acoustic scene rank Ian Melrose, A Scottish Berlin-based guitarist, as belonging to the cream of Europe’s acoustic guitarists. Freely influenced by the best of British folk-jazz idols such as John Renbourn, he plays a relaxed steel-strung guitar, weaving a magic carpet out ot Celtic melancholy and Brasilian fire.”

AUDIO Magazine

Can be purchased here

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