Books/ Sheet Music

1) “A Scottish Legacy” 

Guitar transcriptions (Music & TAB)  of Scottish fiddle tunes in standard-tuning, DADGAD & DGDGBD. 40 pages.   Available  HERE

My favourite fiddle pieces for guitar – arrangements from very traditional to modern … Tunes by the great composers Niel Gow und James Scott Skinner and others …

Scottish Legacy book

Mrs. McLeod · Mairi Bhan Og · The Auld Brig O’Don · Andres Carr/Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie · Huntington Castle · The Music O’Spey · The Mathematician · Braigh Loch Ihall · Lochaber No More · Bonnie Strathmore/My Mither’s Aye Glowerin’ Owre Me · The Miller O’hirn/Betty · Farewell To Whisky/The Laird O’Drumblair u.a.

 2) “Fingerpickers have more fun”

This book/DVD  provides a relaxed and easily understandable introduction to my music. From basic techniques such as hammer on, pull off or vibrato to the secrets of groove, everything is explained on the basis of  four compositions (“Fingerpickers Have More Fun”, “Gigue Highlandaise”, “Nomads of the Air” and “L’ultima lacrima di vino”). Exercises for both left and right hand round the whole thing off.

DVD + notation and tabs.  Language selection: English, German

Book cover instructionmore info HERE

I endorse these products because i really like them and really use them!

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